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よしだ書道具店 | 花陶硯の使い方

花陶硯の使い方 -気軽にどこでも擦り墨の味わいを。手軽さとコンパクトさと楽しさ-

How to use of Hanatouken -The taste of feel free to anywhere rubbing ink. Easy and compact and fun-


Be the first to start a calligraphy with Hanatouken
immediately seen flower porcelain ink stone and calligraphy at the beginning how
In the set of Hanasuesuzuri, use of tend to water in care of the cause can be very little preparation and you clean up.
Using a set of such Hanasuesuzuri, we will introduce the use of the writing instrument.
What you need
Hanasuesuzuri set (Hanasuesuzuri-writing brush, ink sponge)
Water (please keep in contained to some extent in the sponge)
Underlay (thick felt in emergency If you do not have can also be used)
Hanshi (or Please prepare postcards and colored paper such as your favorite thing for the postcard)


Ready to start the Hanatouken
1. スポンジに含ませた水を2~3滴、硯の平らな部分の真ん中に垂らします。

1. water 2 to 3_ droplets were included in the sponge, it dropped in the middle of the flat portion of the ink stone.
A flat part of the ink stone, “hill (you do),” or, referred to as “deep-fried (Uege)”. On the other hand, the part that is recessed the “sea (sea)”, refers to the part that flows to the sea as “Namitome (pigeon)”. Name that was likened to the sea in the ink stone, you glimpse the flavor of old-fashioned hobby people.

2. 墨を親指・人差し指・中指の三本で持ち、平らな面を垂らした水につけ、縦に長い「の」の字を書くように墨を擦ります。

2. Hold a three-of ink the thumb, index finger, middle finger, with a flat surface in the water hanging in the vertical, you slide the ink in the ink stone so that the shape of the long vertical “no”.
In Saisumi of the set, thin if pale coloring will be the dark color close to the black if dark Yukere. Once I stopped the hand at a concentration of taste, wipe firmly on the wet part of the ink. In fact, ink, if even wipe properly after each use a damp, I ink to be acclaimed in much use world.


3. Hanshi placed underlay, to set the ink stone in a location that does not interfere with hand effectiveness, in a sea of ink stone (dent portion), leave hanging the water of sponge about 5 drops.
While you are writing a book, or worse have been dry the ink of the ink stone, such as when I wanted to use a pale ink, sea water is used To restlessly. In Hanasuesuzuri of calligraphy set, you can write a letter in anyway less water. So you need less dirt and worry, worry of scattering is in calligraphy.


4. Take the brush of the cap, you put out the brush as it fit the cap to the opposite side. It included firmly on the ink that trough in the brush.
In the calligraphy brush used only towards the brush first, but this brush Kumano of custom-made, because they tighten the base of the brush firmly in the metal, there is no extra worry of their shape or I smoked the ink. In addition, you can easily compact storage by adopting the structure of the makeup brushes. Kumano brush with a delicate waist is an excellent brush with a smooth writing comfort. When adjust the brush of moisture content and form, and the edge, by straining the brush in the slippery and then took the handle a portion of the glaze of the part at the time of the hill, not scratching the surface of the brush, to preserve the brush can do.


Clean up and care of after use
1. 筆が含んでいる墨をやさしく洗い流し、穂先を真っ直ぐに整えてキャップをします。

—Clean up and care of after use
1. dropped the ink got to brush, and then the cap straight appointed the brush bristles.
Drop the ink brush with a sponge, let’s straight shaping of the brush while taking extra moisture with a tissue or the like. Without collapse type in it to be shaping up, you can use comfortably even when use next time.

2. 硯にスポンジの水を落とし、そのままスポンジで硯面を拭き取ります。

2. drop of water _ sponge to ink stone, wipe directly ink stone surface with a sponge.
Since the ink is machining difficult spotting, please wipe the water without unreasonable to rub on the way to breathe in Zuponji. If you have difficulty falling tension of water to the ink stone surface, please wipe again lifted the ink put two to three minutes.

3. 硯の表面の水分をティッシュ等で拭き取り、専用箱に収納。
3. excess moisture is returned to the sponge, wipe off the moisture on the surface of the ink stone with a tissue, etc., housed each your tools in the box.
You able to complete all up to you to clean up from the preparation with water that was included in the sponge. After use, the dirty sponge to clean rinse gently with water, also please use to include the next water. After care is recommended that you dried by opening the lid of the case so as not moldy. If the sponge is degraded or dirt, Some people are used to put that off to a commercial soft sponge in a small Tupperware.
What did you think.
Guests can enjoy a calligraphy in so easily is a set of Hanasuesuzuri.
In time of preparation I calligraphy, with a heavy tool, or Kashikoma’ attitude I did not thought it would be a high threshold?
This if Hanasuesuzuri set of, at any time because the preparation is easy, you can enjoy the calligraphy in a compact water also anywhere because it is a very small amount of use.
When I stayed at Ryokan in nature, when I want to Tashinan calligraphy this feels good mood and in this space.
On colored paper of the feeding of the boss was indebted to, when you want to write a Congratulations full-hearted.
When you want to spell the letter to the leisurely your friends stylish cafe visited.
So feel free to as their favorite, free, why not put to brush your feelings?