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The secret of Hanatouken
Potter’s history is very old.
In the Nara period, it was widely used as a practical tool in writing instruments, and various Chinese style pottery was used in the times of Jinja in China. As time goes on, the application demanded by とともに as well as change in times will change, becoming to demand appreciation in addition to practical use. In addition, we receive the production of stone with high performance even in polishing, gradually we will change from pottery to stone suzuri.
The garlic which I manufacture is “stone” which is commonly known today, which is made of stone. Selection of material in the manufacture of ink stone is an important item that determines practicality required for the ink stone, the relative merits of the appreciation of. And considering practicality, the abrasive performance is directly linked to the comfort you feel the first time by the user.
The superiority of this abrasive performance is decided by a fine protrusion group that is aligned on a surface called “Fengyi”. In the case of discussing the superiority and inferiority of the performance of the stone due to the fact that it is difficult to adjust the pottery, the stone material is coarse compared with the stone, the potter stone is a stone It was said to be inferior to.
It was a day that I met Mr. Yoshida ‘s pottery because I studied about the material of pottery for the study of sawdust. In the touch of Sumido, I could not find the roughness of the pottery in my memory, I had a fascination to imagine a comfortable rubbing feeling. The ink hit was softer than I imagined, and it had a sense of abrasion reminiscent of “Cirrus mud” which is called the Three Daimyo 硯. Mr. Yoshida’s research, which realized the abrasive performance to overturn the general perception of the pottery, seems to be a serious problem.
I would like you to enjoy this sense of abrasion for the love houses who are entertained to polish inks with, and those who have starting from now.
製硯師 青栁貴史
Ink Stone crafter
Takashi Aoyagi